> About Us > Childrens Center > Jobs Plus > Cedar Ridge > Infant Care  > Waiver Program Personal Care > UAMS Outreach > Enrollment > Food Program > 2017-2018 SCHOOL CALENDAR APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Find us on Facebook About Us............ P.O.  Box 2389  • Alma, Arkansas 72921  • Tel (479) 632-3813  • Fax (479) 632-8986 Stepping Stone was organized in 1972 and began by providing services to six individuals with two staff members.  Today Stepping Stone is no longer just a school, it has become a comprehensive service provider to people with developmental disabilities and their families, serving as a model to other organizations in the state for how to reach and serve people.  Stepping Stone is the parent organization for five programs:  the Therapeutic preschool; the Adult Development Center/Jobs Plus; Cedar Ridge, assisted living; Personal Care; and the Medicaid Waiver program.   The Therapeutic preschool is the only full-time one of it’s kind in Crawford County.  We offer educational training, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavior management, plus family case management and training. What makes us special? Stepping Stone serves as a model to other organizations in the region for how to reach people with developmental disabilities. Stepping Stone provides services to people who desperately need our help but have not yet received funding from state or federal sources. Stepping Stone provides services to children who have been turned away from other institutions. Stepping Stone receives referrals from physicians all around our region. Stepping Stone is succeeding in raising awareness in our region for people with developmental disabilities. In 45 years of operation, Stepping Stone has always operated with a balanced budget. Stepping Stone transitions a large number of children to traditional public school classrooms that otherwise would not if their needs hadn’t been met. Stepping Stone has a commitment to careful planning for how to continue to meet the fast growing needs or our region. NON- DISCRIMINATION POLICY > > Employment Opportunities >