> About Us > Childrens Center > Jobs Plus > Cedar Ridge > Infant Care  > Waiver Program Personal Care > UAMS Outreach > Enrollment > Food Program > P.O.  Box 2389  • Alma, Arkansas 72921  • Tel (479) 632-3813  • Fax (479) 632-8986 2017-2018 SCHOOL CALENDAR APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Enrollment The earlier you recognize  your child’s special needs and seek help, the better the possibilities are for your child to improve or overcome developmental issues. If you have any reason to be concerned for your child’s development, please contact Debbie Dean our Service Coordinator at (479) 632-3813 for a FREE screening to determine if special services are needed to assist your child in reaching his/her potential. The following are some developmental milestones that may help you assess your child: 6 Months Turns toward sounds of a voice Reaches for objects out of reach Imitates speech sounds Feeds self finger foods 9 Months Turns toward sounds of a voice Can get to sitting position Jabbers Can pull self to standing 12 Months Plays ball with partner Says 2 words Walks alone Builds 2-3 tower Points to 3 body parts 5 Years Counts 5 blocks Prepares own cereal Plays board/card games Names four colors Defines simple words: ball, house Draws a person with 3 body parts 2 Years Points to 6 body parts Removes clothes Combines words Throws ball overhead Walks up and down stairs 3 Years Washes and dries hands Names a friend Puts on clothing with assistance Brushes teeth with help Knows the meaning of: hot, run, talk, hungry 4 Years Can copy a circle Hops in place Tells use of 3 objects Names one color NON- DISCRIMINATION POLICY > > Employment Opportunities > Find us on Facebook