> > > > > > > > > > P.O.  Box 2389  • Alma, Arkansas 72921  • Tel (479) 632-3813  • Fax (479) 632-8986 Look into the eyes of this child.  What do you see?  Hope, love, purpose?  The children of Stepping Stone School in Alma, Arkansas are nurtured, taught and loved by caring and competent teachers to compensate for a variety of developmental disabilities as they learn their school subjects, social skills, and determination. Every child can and does learn and their parents and teachers work to teach and develop these little ones to face their unimaginable challenges with courage and determination.  The children of Stepping Stone also face the challenge of coming from financially disadvantaged homes.  While this may limit their access to some of the big pay institutions, nothing limits their access to the school with the most effective program in Arkansas. There is simply no other organization as caring, nurturing and competent with the proven results of Stepping Stone School for Exceptional Children, Inc.  Stepping Stone refuses service to no one because of inability to pay.  We don’t turn anyone away. Today Stepping services 275 children on our campus.  These are children that deserve the same opportunities offered all children, the opportunities to dream, learn, laugh, and play.  At Stepping Stone they receive the opportunity to truly be the very best they can be. We are the leader for results in the state of Arkansas.  Recent research shows the average percentage of children required to spend all day in special education classes after transitioning out of Arkansas based programs like ours to be nearly 8%.  Last year less than 1% of transitioned children from Stepping Stone were required to spend all day in special education classes in their public school.  The low percentage indicates our performance and places us in the top percentile of effectiveness in the entire nation! 2017-2018 SCHOOL CALENDAR APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Find us on Facebook        Every Child ~ Every Chance ~ Every Day About Us Childrens Center Jobs Plus NON- DISCRIMINATION POLICY Waiver Program Personal Care Cedar Ridge Infant Care  UAMS Outreach Enrollment Food Program > > Employment Opportunities >